So many files so, little time

Download folders can become dumping grounds for all the files you get from Slack, email, etc.

Tidi helps tame the beast of your Download (or other folders) by providing timely reminders and an easy interface.

(Some) Features

  • Drag and Drop

    Select files and move them to their destination quickly and easily.
    Default folders make it easy to start organizing as soon as Tidi opens.

  • Reminders

    Set a reminder to get notified on the time and dates of your choosing.
    Just click on a notification to start Tiding up.

  • QuickDrop

    Select frequently needed folders to quickly move files by dragging and dropping or using hotkeys.

Get In Touch

Whether you want to make a feature suggestion, something isn't working quite right, or you just want to get intouch, send me a message below.

Get Tidi

Availible soon on the Apple App Store for Mac.